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RO2Base provides Ragnarok Online 2 Legend of The Second Database with Character Simulator, and lets you share your builds or rate others Hey Guys, there is a certain sequence, how to distribute the stats at aco and monk? It takes more than just the mind, but it also takes confidence, and the time and effort, along with self discipline to be able to change jobs. Judex (Offensive Skill) Description: Summons the Thunder of Judgement to inflict magical damage equivalent to 14%/17%/19% of your magic power on the top of the enemies within the Area of Effect. The skill got greater damage, twice the damage of Quadraple Palm and it hits 2 enemies. It’s worth mentioning on the leveling section 1-25. 3. LOL :D. Of course not! Is this a viable stat distribution for a hybrid tank/dps ? This skill generates a tremendous amount of threat. Version ii. Also what are the best skill rotations for bosses in dungeons/monsters and PVP. The Monk of Ragnarok Online 2 has the same characteristics as to what I have described. General Tips-Acolyte-I. Allows Monk to have a 20% chance to deal 310% Dmg and silence enemy for 0.5 seconds when launching auto attacks. Monk's Skills VII. Believe me, you will not regret maxing this skill, if and only if you’re planning to be a tanker. It only buff you for 10 seconds with a 120s cooldown. But those argument is invalid as your skills will be resetted once you transcend intoMonk. Acolyte’s Stats Distribution -Monk- V. Introduction to The Monk VI. Upon reaching level 25, you can transcend to either a Priest or a Monk. Take note that Lex Devina has 10 seconds With combo and separate attacks, the mysterious power of one must not only be physical… All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Ragnarok Online 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details. After you completed her quest, talk to Pei again to change your class. Disclaimer: The purpose of this section is to recommend you the builds that I’ve created. Monk??? even little appreciations :D, just spend some time going to our comment It is true that considering the skills that the Monk class gets, it can face almost any opponent with a suitable skill to fight against it. Spiritual Cadence (Passive) Description: Gain 2 attack power for each Intelligence and allows you to generate Spirit Sphere while using offensive skills. Casting Time: Instant Cooldown: 0s Rate: ooooo Commentary: Your secondary DPS skill after Quadraple Palm. Holy Light and Lex Divina are must max skills. As an Acolyte striving on becoming a Monk, just focus on INT, all the way until you reach 25. Others have come to fear and respect those who are called Monks. I thought I would point out a khara requiring acolytes to Rez 10 times. that's all about it. sometimes, it's hard to find a party in the game especially when your a If you want to be a monk you must ready to be either damage taker or damage dealer. You can either max this skill or leave it at level 2. Rate: ooooo Commentary: This is one great offensive spell you can have as an Acolyte because simply it has no cooldown with only 1s casting time and great damage. Ki Explosion (Buff) Description: Increases your attack power by 6%/12%/18%/24%/30% for 30 seconds. Pure Tanking – INT: 30 – AGI: 30 – VIT: 30 – Leftover to STR or increase AGI/VIT. This is a Monk Job Quest Guide of Ragnarok Online. 12: Allows Monk to have a 20% chance to deal 320% Dmg and silence enemy for 1.0 seconds when launching auto attacks. Lightning Walk is maxed for mobility, Summon Spirit Sphere is also maxed to do the infamous 2 consecutive Guillotine Fists. Monk’s Skills VII. I’ve listed all types of the stat distribution for a Monk. Introduction to The Acolyte II. Otherwise, do not learn this skill at all if you plan to solo most of the time. This branch includes the melee class of the game. Decreases any damage taken by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% for 10 seconds. Based on my experience and honest opinion, this skill can be beneficial You dont have to worry about the 10% attack power reduction since you can compensate it with TSS (Throw Spirit Sphere). I suggest you to max this skill ASAP for the sole purpose of grinding. You can add Highness Heal if you want to (Meditatio must be learned as prereq). Skill rotation #3. Asperio (Supportive Skill) Description: Requires 1 Holy Water. They are most known for the powerful Guillotine Fist skill, which has uses in MVP, PVP and WoE scenarios. Skill builds for Monk VIII. Generates 1 Spirit Sphere. Check out builds like Agi Crit, and Asura. So, You simply have to start the quest at the Monk Temple that is all the way east from Prontera, by talking to Master and then Elder Wuhai. That means, you don’t have to worry about your HP because it’ll replenish by itself while this skill is active. Most builds are damage-dealers, focusing on maximizing damage via skills such as Occult Impaction and their Combo abilities. They are melee class who loves hand to hand combat and does have strong physique. Except for Monk and the Swordsmen classes. box and share some words on my post, Best Monk Skill Build in Ragnarok Online 2. Increase Agility (Supportive Skill) Description: Increase movement speed of you and your party members by 40% for 10s/11s/12s/13s/14s. 14: Increases monk Flee by 19%. Acolyte’s Stats Distribution-Monk-V. Introduction to The Monk VI. Leftovers can be spent on either Lightning Walk (for PVP) or Intimidation. There is a 4% chance to recover 10% HP from the magical damage received. But really, you’ll regret not having this skill maxed. After the patch that increases this skill’s cooldown drastically, people chose to leave this skill at level 1, but some players chose to max this skill because of the drastic cooldown decrease per level. ii. It’s your call. It has 60s cooldown with 30s duration. Renovatio (Supportive Skill) Description: Recover target’s HP by 16%/19%/22% of your magic power every 2 seconds for 12s duration. Look no further, 99porings.com got you covered! I found love from this skill. Only available in Ki Explosion state. How great is that? Monk’s Stats Distribution. When equipment matters is of concern, make sure the equipment has Dodge and Parry to it. Acolyte’s Skills III. Does not require spirit sphere while Protection Ki is active. Intimidation (Debuff) Description: Taunt an enemy to make it attack you. Casting Time: 1s. And you can PVP just fine with this build. It is recommended for you not to learn this skill at all. Oh yeah, only use this skill when your target’s HP is below 20%, otherwise you better off leave this skill entirely. Holy Light (Offensive Skill) Description: Conjure a divine cross to deal 27%/30%/33%/36%/39% of your magical damage to a single enemy. skill to get and what to exclude. For the faith, one must be good until they achieve a disciplined body. Increases monk Flee by 19%. 1 Background 2 Job Change Quest 3 Notable Monks 4 Races 5 Armor 6 Weapons 7 Abilities 7.1 Ragnarok Online 7.2 Ragnarok Online II 8 Advanced Jobs 8.1 Ragnarok Online 8.2 Ragnarok Online II 9 Trivia 10 Gallery 11 References Some of those who walked the path of Acolyte, an … Rate: ooooo Commentary: This deserves a 5/5 rating from me. They are considered to be the main tanks in the game. Casting Time: Instant Cooldown: 10s Rate: ooooo Commentary: Monk’s greatest debuffing skill. Yes, going for a Monk is a tough path to follow as you’ll giving up all of your Acolyte skills, imagine that friendly Heal skill taken away from you. Just initiate with the TSS then pound it with Quad Palm. Inflict 82%/91%/101%/110%/120% of your attack power and stuns your enemy for 3 seconds. Requires 3 Spirit Spheres. I have listed all Acolyte’s skills, its description, my commentary and personal ratings for each skill. Max this skill ASAP. Specialized Monk builds can be very efficient in any scenario. May 19, 2013 @ 7:35pm Monk??? Let's Play Ragnarok Online 2 - Is The Game Lagging (Part 1) Let's Play Ragnarok Online 2 - Is The Game Lagging (Part 2) ... Concept Art of a Monk. This skill consumes 8 SP, has a 3 second Cast Time affected by DEX, and cannot be interrupted. Monks are Acolytes that moved away from the Odin Orthodoxy way of silence and prayers, taking the path of meditation and asceticism to enlightenment. Casting Time: Instant Cooldown: 60s/40s/20s Rate: oooo Commentary: You’ll be needing this skill to increase the effects of your skills, especially Heal and Holy Light. long cool down (60 seconds). Monks are a versatile class that can deal damage in several ways unique to themselves. Acolyte's Skills III. Why? TSS > QP for 3 SS > Ki Ex! Casting Time: Instant Cooldown: 120s. Casting Time: Instant Cooldown: 3s Rate: ooo Commentary: Your aggro keeping tool. So, it's best that I won't invest any points on the Acolyte skill tree if I were to take the path of being a monk? You’ll need this buff in order to use Guillotine Fist. You need to have skills when you are still an Iron Palm (Passive) Description: Passively increase your defense by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%. Same goes to accessories. But as you leveled up , you’ll feel the greatness of a Monk. This would’ve been a great skill to have if it adds +20% to our original dodge rate raw. Table of Contents iii. 2. Monk is the alternate class of priests but unlike them, monks are built to destroy. Next 3 Holy Light will become a critical hit under the buff of Asperio. This buffs really helps in PvP, also the most important key to guarantee your victory. Definitely max this skil for faster leveling purposes as an Acolyte. Secondary healing skill) – Level 3 Lex Divina (Finishing spell) – Level 1 Increase Agi (you really do not need this skill that much due to its horrible cooldown) – Level 1 Aqua Benedicta (Prerequisite to Asperio) – Level 3 Asperio (faster killing means faster leveling). While it is not that important in PVE, I gotta say this skill works wonder in PVP. DPS focus – STR: 40 – INT: 40 – Leftover to AGI/VIT. Like many other MMORPG, Acolytes are experts in supporting and healing abilities which play a very important role in a party. If you are going for 40-40 Str-Int, that would leave you with 8 Vit and rest 1 at lvl 50. Targets will eventually die under 15 secs starting at Initiation. But this build is still not recommended, because the build does not have the versatility which is Monk’s main feature. The affected skills are: Holy Light, Heal, Ressurection, Judex, Highness Heal, Sanctuary (Priest), Magnus Exorcismus (Priest), and Ray of Genesis (Priest). SO heres the question, how can a sin kill a monk? Even monk use clothes as their armor, monk has very great defend skills. Under the Asperio spell, Highness Heal’s recovery amount increased by 50% Casting Time: Instant. Ragnarok Online 2 Monk Guide by Sunbringer. It adds 15% of your Max HP with 30 minutes duration, no reason to dump it.Tankers will thank you for this. Casting Time: Instant Cooldown: 3000/2400/1800 Rate: oo Commentary: Another skill that is full of debates. 13: Increases monk Flee by 19%. 50/26/2 26/50/2 40/40/0 39/39/7 3x/3x/3x. Require all 5 spirit spheres. Im planning to use the exact same hybrid build as yours. Acolyte’s Skills III. It really helps! Hybrid build, DPS-Tank (7 SP left) You will solo just fine with this build, it has all the offensive skills and defensive skills needed. Rate: ooooo Commentary: A no-brainer skill to max. Priests use the powers of exorcism to tear demons from their victims and banish them, as well as keeping their party alive by helping the injured recover. Skill builds for Monk VIII. But you do not need this skill because you’ll transcend into Monk later on. Your HP will be increased by 35% and defense by 200% at level 5. are monks any good? Inflict 17%/19%/21%/23%/25% of your attack power. Casting Time: Instant Cooldown: 0s Rate: o Commentary: Bad skill is bad, you better off spamming your Holy Light rather than using this skill. You can choose to follow this build or customize it the way you like. Rate: oooo Commentary: Everything is just great except the duration and cooldown part. Unlike in some other MMORPGs the priest in Ragnarok Online 2 isn’t supposed to just be a pure healer and nothing else. Skill builds for Acolyte IV. Improve Acolyte’s skill effects. Fact: There are a lot of runners in PVP and you should use this to chase your enemy. Those are pretty much the core skills that you must have. Your ultimate ragnarok mobile guide for Acolyte, Monk, Champion! Both Knights and Warriors can be used in tanking. This, is all i learn by redoing the char 3 times till lvl 25, so i dunno if im not srly mistaken. Throw Spirit Sphere (Offensive, Debuff) Description: Fire a spirit bullet to your enemy from far away to inflict 17%/19%/21%/24%/26% of your attack power and increase 10% of damage inflicted by all of Monk’s offensive skill for 15s. untuk skill monk yg perlu di naikan apa aja ? First of all, as you will transcend into Monk later, you do not have to worry about picking the correct skill or whatnot. You can choose to drop Blessing and max Renovatio. Rate: o Commentary: This skill would’ve been more useful if it has at least 1s cooldown. I have listed all of Monk’s skills, description, commentary and personal ratings on each skill below. The skill increases you and your party member’s movement speed by a nifty percentage of 40% but has a ridiculous cooldown. Rate: N/A Commentary: The description explains that Meditatio will increase the effect of healing skills but I am still in a hot water figuring this one out. Knight Knights are considered as mainly a defensive character. Well, you're right. Monks are close combatants who use fists to excel in battle. The Spring Festival has bloomed into Ragnarok Online 2! Ressurection (Supportive Skill) Description: Ressurects a dead player in your party. It maybe not recommended for fellow Priests, but not for us. Metaller ตั๊กแตนทอง จากเมือง Morroc ลง 2 ซ้าย 1 Mummy มัมมี่อยู่ที่พีระมิดชั้น 3 [วิธีไปดันพีระมิด] สเตตัสแนะนำ Dex 40 Agi 78. The Monk has several skill builds, namely: Pure Tank build, DPS-Tank (Hybrid) build, and the pure DPS build. That means you can perma-debuff your enemy! Casting Time: Instant Cooldown: 60s/50s/40s/30s/20s Rate: ooo Commentary: Personally, this skill is great. However, before being that kind of force, you will need to know what are They have a very strong physical body which means high defense and can serve as Secondary Tanker or even Main Tanker if geared and built properly. Acolytes must decide at level 25 to become a revered Priest or choose the path of the disciplined Monk. Casting Time: Instant Cooldown: 60s Rate: ooooo Commentary: Your ultimate offensive skill. Their holy spells are not to be underestimated. Casting Time: Instant Cooldown: 6s. Take Asperio if you want a slight faster killing using Holy Light (it crits under the Asperio buff). 2 Tipe Build Job Monk/Champion di Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Rouge Tomato Uncategorized November 25, 2018 2 Minutes Ragnarok M Eternal Love adalah salah satu game bergenre Role Playing untuk Handphone yang merupakan adaptasi dari Game Ragnarok Online. Cooldown: 60s Rate: ooo Commentary: You’ll be getting this skill whether you like it or not. Otherwise, you can choose to leave this at level 1 for Steel Body. Iron Mountain Attack (Offensive) Description: Gather your inner strength to crush 2 nearby enemies by 37%/39%/42%/44%/47% of your attack power. If you want some suggestions you can post it in this thread. RO2Base provides Ragnarok Online 2 Legend of The Second Database with Character Simulator, and lets you share your builds or rate others > GF! A must max skill. This skill has no casting time and no cooldown and is efffective while it is active. 12: Increases monk Flee by 19%. You can revive a fallen player to max HP and without cast time under Asperio buff. My build The advanced version of hybrid build. Search for leveling spots, skill guides, equipment guides, pet guides, card guides, and rune guides! newbie. Guillotine Fist (Offensive) Description: Gather your mind, spirit and physical power to deal a tremendous strike. However, the knight is usually more defense than the warrior because the Warrior also has a couple damage skills. Press this skill once again to deactivate the buff. Even you can choose to use Renovatio on each party members rather than using this skill if you prefer party leveling. Everything starts on March 11th and goes till April 8th. As an asura monk, I don't, as a champ I still don't, as I never build asura for PVP, as you're looking at a more purist spirit build, where you're focusing more on OI and ST as your main attacks. With this you can do two consecutive Guillotine Fists in a row, every two minutes. Casting Time: Instant. Casting Time: Instant Cooldown: 20s/17s/14s/11s/8s Rate: ooo Commentary: Similar to Swordman’s Provoke, you taunt an enemy to attack you instead to your party members. A treasure hunt has begun in Rune-Midgarts! Hey! Your email address will not be published. Monk’s Skills VII. Requires 3 Spirit Spheres. PVE oriented Monk build - posted in Monk: Ok, I read every single post in here in hopes of finding a correct build for my Monk, which skills should I use/max, etc. Just pick and max any offensive skills that you have (except Oratio) to fasten your leveling process. A great tanking tool indeed, also used to hold aggro. This build lacks Flee skill which in my opinion is useless. Some BOSSES require a different approach to kill them. Pure DPS build (7 SP left) The only advantage you have when using this build is you will feel a drastic increase on your DPS. But this build has low DPS capability, and you’re pretty much useful limited for tanking. Because of those abilities, they can grind just fine whether it is solo or party. For questions, clarifications, recommendations and TSS > spam QP until you obtain 3 Spirit Spheres > Iron Mt. 13: Allows Monk to have a 20% chance to deal 330% Dmg and silence enemy for 1.5 seconds when launching auto attacks. This skill also generates 1 spirit sphere. Summon Spirit Spheres that can be consumed to perform special Monk skills. In order to change your class to a Monk at Level 25, look for Red Lotus Monk Pei, in Prontera. Just put this at level 1 as the prerequisite for Aqua Benedicta. Theres nothing but endless arguments about G.fists damage/cooldown, about how it 1-2 shots people in pvp (and then youre useless), about flee being worthless and about not having any type of healing skill. It increases your attack power by 30% at level 5. You are also acceptable in raid runs and most importantly, you got all the advantages in PVP when using this build. cool down only and if you do use it correctly, then it will serve you Do not bother with other stats. Just make sure that your enemy's HP is at 20%. Generates 1 spirit sphere. The general pattern of combos as a Monk is the following: Triple Attack-> Chain Combo-> Combo Finish-> Asura Strike After each combo skill, there is a delay period. If you want to get a slight increase on your DPS, you should max this skill, but it’s okay to just leave it at level 1 if you’re a pure tanker. For example: 30 STR and 30 INT is better than having 40 STR or 40 INT alone. Protection Ki (Buff) Description: Gather your spirit to emit a defensive aura that surrounds your body. Talk to Guarding Monk prt_monk 59 247 then enter the warp prt_monk 245 106 and talk to Sensei Moohae monk_in 99 58. The damage and cast time are bad. Flee (Buff) Description: Increases your dodge rate by 4%/8%/12%/16%/20% for 10 seconds. (well, if you don't choose to :D). where the first stat is your attack stat (STR or INT), the second is your AGI, and the third is your VIT. Casting Time: Instant Cooldown: 240s/210s/180s/150s/120s Rate: oooo Commentary: Personally, I love this buff. Acolyte if you want to level up fast in the game. In ragnarok, after Juno patch when 2-2 jobs were introduced, Monk became one of the most popular jobs, simply because of the versatility it offered in terms of gameplay. Sometimes you have to switch targets from BOSSES to summons. Introduction to The Acolyte II. Your guide is not updated, i dont know then but now i srly recommend this: Core Stats: Str= 40 or MAX INT= 0 (only the one you get from the equip should do the trick, also try to get from cards that have subs on INT), Profession: ALCHEMIST, you can go chef for the early stage of acolite, but when you turn into MONK you lose the Heal, and it’s your doom…. Because of this skill, an equalized amount of STR and INT is better than a pure STR/INT stats. Cooldown: 10s Rate: ooo Commentary: Only learn this if you do party leveling all the time. 03/05 2020. hello just to tell you the links to the builds are broken can u please fix that :( sry and ty so much :D! Stone Skin (Toggle Buff) Description: Gather all of your spirit sphere to increase your HP by 7%/14%/21%/28%/35%, Defense by 40%/80%/120%/160%/200% and Threat Value by 60%/120%/180%/240%/300% but decreases attack power by 10% while this skill is active. You either leave this skill or learn it but leave it at level 1. Spam this every 3s while facing multiple mobs to ensure your party’s safety. Meditatio (Passive Skill) Description: Increases effect of healing skills when applied as critical hit by 340%/380%/420%/460%/500% exceeding 95% Hit Rate. Specialized Monk builds can be very efficient for MVP and WoEpurposes. Rate: ooooo Commentary: This could be the best passive you’ll ever had alongside with Iron Palm because simply it is a passive skill! Table of Contents-Acolyte-I. [size=3]Summon Spirit Sphere (Buff) Description: Instantly generates 3 Spirit Sphere and reset the cooldown of all your skills. alow untuk skill dps semi membangun yg perlu di naikan skill apa aja ? It has no cooldown and the animation is quite fast. Skill builds for Monk VIII. Ragnarok Online 2. Revo-Classic Monk Guide. Lightning Crush (Offensive) Description: Creates a shockwave by pounding the ground to inflict 15%/17%/20% of your attack power to maximum 3 enemies and generates 50% threat. How awesome is that? The skill’s main purpose is just to stun your enemies. As an Acolyte, you’ll use this instead of Potions to save your money. Semi DPS & Semi Tank – STR: 30 – INT: 30 – AGI: 25 – VIT: 25 -or- – STR: 35 – INT: 35 – Leftover to either VIT/AGI. That’s not all, you can also tank just fine with all maxed defensive skill. There is no need for an Acolyte to buy any healing potions because they can spam heal. While the damage is not that great, the only and the sole reason of this skill is just to debuff your enemy so that you will deal more damage with other offensive skills for what, 15 seconds? are monks any good? Instead of weapons and Holy magic, monks utilize their body and spiritual energy to defend the weak. For Monks, it’s STR/INT/VIT, and then some Monks have their own alternative builds with AGI worked in somehow for a little extra crit and dodge. Rate: oo Commentary: Similar to RO1’s Increase Agility this skill increases your Movement Speed but the differences are there’s no increase in Agility in the RO2’s version and they add cooldown to it, the long one in RO2. Generates 2 Spirit Sphere. This skill is mastered at Lv.5. Heal and Renovatio are also a must for healing purposes. It is said that the faith of the acolyte is not only for the mind, but the path one walks must also be for the body. Sensei Moohae will assign you one of the following quests: T… During this period, the user can trigger the next skill in the sequence. Skill builds for Acolyte IV. Table of Contents i. Casting Time: Instant. Oratio (Supportive Skill) Description: Chants a spell which recite the prayers of gods to inflich 8%/9%/10%/11%/12% of your magic power on every 2s for the duration of 20s. I really like this build, but I would like to know which profession is best for the monk. Kazaki, Asura Strike Is the Guillotine Fist. Aqua Benedicta (Supportive Skill) Description: Recover SP by 15% and creates 3 Holy Waters. the best skills to include in your skill tree to become a monster Monk! You will need to build up your Spirit Spheres before using this skill. They got great offensive spells, although aren’t as great as Magician’s spells. Casting Time: Instant Cooldown: 3s. Casting Time: Instant Cooldown: 60s Rate: oo Commentary: I think it would be a waste to invest any points in this skill at all because we are not Thieves. Leave this skill at level 1 because you’re only using this skill to obtain two Spirit Spheres instantly. Ragnarok Online is a fast-paced, community driven fantasy MMORPG. Cooldown: 0s. Do not attempt to max this skill at all. Tank Because of Iron Skin, which increases Threat generation by 300% as well as the Monk's HP and defense, Monks can tank dungeons without the fear of losing a monster's attention. Their tanking capability is about the same. Btw, I’m going for the end stat build (as of 50 max level cap). ‘m New to Ro2 and do not want to do anything wrong to Monk. Quadraple Palm (Offensive) Description: Struck a target with multiple punches. Both have full osi set with same bs 10%, rs10%, x5 same cards, no greenseed, no honing, no gears refined. You WILL need to learn this skill to grind faster. inflict a deathblow. STR 40 INT 40 VIT <– rest of my stat points. But they are capable on boosting skills up to the fullest (Asperio). > SSS! The Mimic Treasure Hunt 2020. Just leave this skill at level 1. It is easier to build a knight whose main focus is a tank. Int and Str same the same effect – Parry. This Blessing (Supportive Skill) Description: Cast a gospel upon you and your partymates to increase Max HP by 3%/6%/9%/12%/15% for a duration of 30 minutes. วิธีเปลี่ยนอาชีพ Monk The monk job change test consists of a memory and physical test which is to be taken at the speficifed location. Generates 1 Spirit Sphere. To help you with that, I have decided to put up a guide which shares to One will be able to change the job class into Monk, once the testing is finished. While Priests act as the shield of the church, the Monk is the weapon. Casting Time: Instant. Although it has the highest damage modifier in RO2 when coupled by Ki Explosion, its cooldown is still quite long. to your especially at max level when it comes to leveling fast. Take note that I really really recommend you to max this skill. But, if you don’t PVP that much and do not plan to PVP in the future, you can leave this skill at 1. Still, I recommend you to max this skill because the increase per level is high, not to mention this skill stuns your target for 3s which is great! Thus I recommend you this build for leveling: – Level 5 Holy Light (Main offensive skill) – Level 5 Blessing (For more survivability) – Level 5 Heal (Main healing skill) – Level 1 Renovatio (No SP left, and level 1 Renovatio is still great! Combination of #1 and #2 with some add-ins for Lightning Crush. Ragnarok Online 2 : Monk Tanker and Damager Builds Guide If you see monk they either have very strong body and also very fast attack combo. Casting Time: Instant Cooldown: 60s Rate: ooooo Commentary: This is also one of the greatest buff you can have as a Monk. MAX THIS BABY. Rate: oo Commentary: This skill has horribly low damage and it has a pretty long cooldown. Acolyte is one of the first five main classes in Ragnarok II: LOTS. Especially cause at lvl 25 you’re stuck with a khara u can’t ever beat. big asset for you as it has the ability to acquire Holy Waters when you I can guarantee you that. Some say this skill has to be maxed for faster grinding but some agreed not to max this skill or even take it. But the fact is, Aqua Benedicta has a relatively you a detailed explanation on every monk skills and my opinion on what Page 1 of 2 - Monk outplayed Assassin - posted in Assassin: As most of you might know, monks can literally 1shot-KO other classes. There is a 2% chance to recover 5% HP from the magical damage received. Cooldown: 0s Rate: ooooo Commentary: While Heal needs you to cast for 1s and is not effective in combat, this skill does the exact opposite. Here you can see a list of all Weapon type items that are for sell from in game NPC shop and venders. But, every seconds count, especially in raids. > GF! The only downside is that this skill requires 3 Spirit Spheres. well in your leveling. It is a prerequisite for Asperio and it is great having 3 Holy Waters which is useful for Asperio. Introduction to The Acolyte II. Assault Skill rotation #2. Yes, this skill is very great because you can spam it all day long. You can choose to not learn this at all or max this if you have spare for faster killing with Holy Light and crit-heals with Heal for leveling. In PVE, this skill main usage is just to generate spirit sphere. Monks are warriors of the light who left the church in order to deliver divine justice their own way. I love your guide! Yet, in terms of utility, Warriors should be built towards tanking instead of DPS. Ragnarok Online 2 Monk Guide by Sunbringer, Table of Contents -Acolyte- I. I really recommend you to max this skill ASAP after transcending into a Monk. They are mostly known for their powerful skill 'Asura Strike' which has the highest damage in-game a second class can deliver. The damage is horrible even for a DoT. Although with those advantages, Acolytes are short on Health Points (HP) and lack of defense. You can solo/party leveling just fine with this build. 2. Great guide, Can you also do a leveling up guide, what skills to choose when you reach 25. Casting Time: 4s Cooldown: 3s Rate: ooooo Commentary: Monk’s ultimate defensive skill, which means this skill is the ultimate tanking tool of the Monk’s tree. For the Skills, keep the Stone Skin at perma ON. Or what skills to go for between 25-50. For BOSSES, just keep attacking them and hold their aggro to yourself: Skill rotation #1.

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